Fans Are Concerned About Pedro Pascal's Coffee Intake After Viral Starbucks Order

Pedro Pascal is quite the coffee drinker. While greeting fans in New York City recently, the "The Last of Us" actor and certified heartthrob was photographed holding a Starbucks venti cup revealing his chaotic, slightly terrifying order. In a now-viral video on TikTok, a user zoomed in on a photo of his drink, unmistakably labeled "Pedro." The order was an iced quad espresso in a venti cup, with extra ice and six total shots of espresso. For nonseasoned coffee consumers, that amounts to about four or five cups of regular coffee.

While it's unclear whether this is Pascal's go-to drink from the coffeehouse, the idea of drinking even one of these caffeinated orders is enough to make anyone sweat. Commenters noted the "violent amount of coffee" and rightfully expressed concerns for his health. But we can confirm his coffee intake is actually within the FDA's recommended guidelines around caffeine, assuming he doesn't drink any additional throughout the day.

One shot of espresso contains about 64 milligrams of caffeine, which brings Pascal's order to an estimated 384 milligrams. The FDA says 400 milligrams a day generally won't come with dangerous side effects for healthy adults. So hey, let's give the internet's favorite guy some grace — maybe he had a really long day ahead of him. As the original poster wrote in her caption, he certainly "needs his coffee every morning to carry the entire world and a fandom over his shoulders."

As the popular video made its rounds on the internet over the past few weeks, creators, dietitians, and baristas alike have attempted taste tests, made subsequent memes, and analyzed Pascal's psyche. (It's been said that Starbucks orders say a lot about a person, after all.) If you're curious about trying the coffee drink yourself, the order is simple: just ask your barista for six shots of espresso over ice in a venti cup.

See the viral video of a sweet Pascal ahead.