These Are the Top 11 Fast-Food Burgers, Ranked From Worst to Best

I love a good burger. I also love fast food, so naturally I have many opinions about which fast-food burgers are better than others. Ahead, I've taken a closer look at 11 of the most popular fast-food chains that are widely available nationwide or at least very well-known. Truthfully I can say that I enjoy every single one of these establishments' burgers and wouldn't turn down any of them. What can I say, I like to eat. However, I felt it was important for me to share with everyone which burgers are truly superior to the rest. So tell me, which burger is your favorite?



I'm just going to say it: In-N-Out's burgers are not my favorite. I've had so many better burgers, but they're fine. Not great, but fine. The sauce is really what makes the sandwich, but the burger and the bun are just OK.




Sonic has a fantastic drink selection and great tater tots. The burgers, on the other hand, are just OK. They're great for when you're on a road trip and you're starving and Sonic is the only thing you've passed in a while.




Wendy's burgers are just fine to me. They aren't special, and I've always been annoyed with the square shape. They're a solid burger in a pinch but will never be my first choice.



Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen's burgers are similar to Burger King's in that they also have that great grilled flavor. I'd actually consider them a good mix of McDonald's, because they're classic, and Burger King, because of the grilled flavor. I'd still choose both of the others over DQ, though.



White Castle

The thing with White Castle burgers is that you have to consider the entire sandwich in the equation because the burger patty itself isn't anything to write home about. But when you top them with the cheese and absolutely necessary onions and put it all on a little roll, you've got a great little bite.



Steak and Shake

Steak and Shake's steak burgers are plump and juicy and absolutely worth how long they take to make. This chain also serves some of their burgers as patty melts, and that is where the meat really shines.



Jack in the Box

Whatever you do, get a Jack in the Box burger on toast. Any of the burgers that come on toast are superior to the rest because the butteriness of the toast makes the burger even juicier.



Burger King

What I love about a Burger King burger — specifically a Whopper — is the flame-grilled taste to it. It tastes like a Summer cookout and has enough heft to it to make a filling meal.




I love a McDonald's cheeseburger. To me, they're everything a classic burger should be, and they're not huge patties that are too overwhelming to eat. The Quarter Pounder is the best option for a good, comprehensive burger.



Five Guys

Five Guys burgers are made with care from beginning to end. The patties are cooked fresh to order and topped with whatever you'd like. Even the buns are toasted on the cooktop. They're big and juicy and always fresh.



Shake Shack

Shake Shack has, without a doubt, the best overall burger when it comes to fast food. From the soft, juicy patty to the melted cheese, everything is spot on. It's the potato bun the chain restaurant uses, though, that really seals the deal.