The Dunder Mifflin Party Planning Committee Sure Could Have Used This New Handbook

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An upcoming book release will assist fans of The Office in recreating the chaos and calamity of a Dunder Mifflin party. Insight Editions recently unveiled — quick inhaleThe Office: The Official Party Planning Committee Guide to Planning Parties, a novelty book filled with recipes, activity suggestions, and step-by-step prank instructions based on some of the show's most iconic moments.

Some specifics you can expect are a how-to on fashioning your own pair of tissue box shoes, as seen on Kevin at Jim and Pam's wedding, and the recipe for the birthday cake Jim and Dwight made for Kelly — just make sure to double-check your spelling. Even if you aren't throwing any bashes these days (more double-fudge brownies for you!), flipping through the book is fun and entertaining on its own. Enjoy a preview, as well as a compilation of the Party Planning Committee's best moments, before the book release on Oct. 13.

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Watch the Best of the Party Planning Committee from The Office