TikTok Is Currently Obsessed With Frog Cakes, and Now So Are We

Leave it to TikTok to turn us on to an adorable treat that's almost too cute to eat. The newest dessert craze appears to be frog cakes, which are — yep, you guessed it — any cake with a frog on top! Whether it's chocolate, vanilla, a layered cake, or something different, neither the flavor nor the celebration to warrant the cake matters . . . just as long as this chipper topper puts a smile on anyone's face. Dare I say these frog cakes might even top TikTok's gooey Cookie Monster cookies? The decorative toppings don't have to end at just frogs, either. The cake can also include mushrooms made of icing, hearts, rainbows, and so much more. Heck, if you're a Mario fan, you'd probably say these cakes look like a replica of the Mushroom Kingdom.

If you're interested in creating a cake that's as cute as can be, have a look at the creative ways these TikTok users are baking them ahead.

TikTok Frog Cakes