Toblerone's Lava Cakes Are Oozing With Melted Candy Bar, So Yeah, I'm Definitely Drooling

If you have a sweet tooth, buckle up. Toblerone is taking its signature candy bar and venturing into another corner of the dessert world: lava cakes. According to eagle-eyed foodie Instagram account @candyhunting, the soft-centered snack recently started popping up on shelves at Shaw's supermarket. Modeled after the iconic, triangular milk chocolate and almond nougat bars, this tasty treat features melted Toblerone on top for added sugary goodness.

This isn't the Swiss chocolate brand's first foray into the dessert fusion world. Last year, Toblerone released an ice cream bar which was clearly worth salivating over. Fingers crossed this next hybrid treat starts popping up in more stores, ASAP. I desparately need a Toblerone-themed snack bar for my upcoming holiday parties.