Trader Joe's New Honey Pearl Grapes "Taste Like Lychee," So Get Them Before They're Gone

Trader Joe's has begun stocking its shelves with seasonal produce, and the selection is as sweet as you would expect. The affordable grocer recently debuted honey pearl grapes, and customers are already raving about the new product. The new fruit find has been described in the comments of the Instagram photo above as having the "perfect balance of sweet and tart," as well as being as "sweet as sugar bombs." The honey pearl grapes pack a punch of flavor with every bite, with one person even saying they taste like lychee. Um, yum! Based on this testament alone, we could definitely see honey pearl grape martinis become the new lychee martinis, no?

The next time you're doing your weekly TJ's haul, be sure to snag some of these grapes before they sell out. They sound like the perfect addition to your next picnic or boozy beverage. You could also try adding them to fresh salads, smoothies, popsicles, and more. Just one note: some customers have noted that the grapes aren't super crunchy, so if you like your grapes on the firmer side, try freezing them for the best results!