Whoa, There's Now a Way You Can Drink 2 Truly Flavors at Once

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Apparently, we're living in the future, 'cause hard-seltzer brand Truly just launched the Topper, a tool you can snap onto two seltzer cans to create a whole new drink flavor for yourself. If you've yet to come across the perfect Truly flavor or you simply struggle to choose just one, this Truly Topper essentially allows you to mix two flavors into one. Personally, I'm very curious to try grapefruit and lime together. (What can I say? I love a paloma.) The one-of-a-kind gadget comes with dual flavor tunnels, spill-proof seals, and anti-guzzling technology — and you can just toss it into the dishwasher after use. According to the brand, the can topper brings Truly's flavors to a total of 465 with all the new combos, so we suggest you get sipping. If you don't know where to start flavor-wise once you have the Topper, allow these combos to spark your taste-bud inspiration. Ahead, shop the invention — sold only on Truly's website — for just under $5 and get a closer look.