TikTokers Just Found Out That Toasters Have Crumb Trays, and I'm Sorry, What?


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TikTok has taught us countless important lessons, from unusual swimsuit tricks we didn't know we needed to life hacks we can't live without. (Using a bobby pin to perfect winged eyeliner? Genius.) From the car to the kitchen, TikTok is the place to go to learn something you didn't know but probably should.

Enter: the importance of cleaning your toaster's crumb tray — and yes, toasters do indeed have crumb trays. If you weren't aware of this, neither was TikTok user Amy Bails. After seeing a video on her For You Page about emptying the crumb tray, Amy had to see for herself if her toaster of 10 years also had one. Spoiler alert: it did. This sent TikTokers into a tizzy and inspired countless other toaster owners to check out their carb-cooking appliance, too. Lo and behold, all toasters have crumb trays.

Why is it important to clean them out if you, like Amy, have never bothered? Well, not only could the crumbs pile up and make your food taste and/or smell burnt, but they could also cause a fire — and no one needs that when they're trying to whip up brunch on a Sunday. To clean out your crumb tray, simply pull it out from under the toaster, discard the crumbs, and wipe it down with a paper towel or cloth to ensure it's squeaky clean. Thanks, TikTok, for providing carb-lovers with some hot (and important!) new information.


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♬ original sound - Amy Bails