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11 Hilarious Things Anyone Who Has Remodeled Can Relate To

When construction has taken over your house, your relationships, and your sanity, and when you've gotten used to washing dishes in the same tub that you shower in, you look around in desperation and ask yourself why you ever decided to take on a remodel in the first place. Don't worry, you're not alone. Whether you're knee-deep in a renovation or you know someone who is, or you've remodeled and lived to tell the story (lucky dog), chances are you can relate to these 11 truths.

  1. The aisles of Home Depot are total meltdown territory. "HOW ARE THERE THIS MANY SHADES OF WHITE?!?"
  2. That unrelated fight you had with your husband/partner a few months ago? Yep, it comes up when you're fighting about paint colors.
  3. You know it's possible to cook homemade lasagna in a microwave . . . in your bathroom . . . because your kitchen was usurped by a construction crew.
  4. Choosing between polished chrome and polished nickel is a matter of life and death. And no one understands it, damn it.
  5. You vent about your home remodel to anyone who asks about your day. The grocery market cashier, your coworkers, the babysitter. Then, you notice people stop asking.
  6. Suddenly, you inherit a very low standard of personal cleanliness . . . and a cabinet full of dry shampoo.
  7. You laugh obnoxiously if anyone tells you that their upcoming remodel is "going to be fun."
  8. Your contractor has seen you at your best . . . and at your worst. You've been caught on the toilet, in your pajamas, bra-less, and/or wrapped in a towel. And that's the least of your worries.
  9. You feel like you can list "construction" as a second language on your resume. Yep, you know what a balloon framed wall is.
  10. Nothing moves you to anger more than the innocent small talk question, "So when do you think you'll be finished?"
  11. The true sign of being in denial: "What's another $10,000? We are only doing this once and it's better to get it right."
Image Source: Brittany Makes
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