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America's Most Pampered Domestic Pigs

POPSUGAR / paid for by / Swiffer

You may feel like your home is a pigsty after a busy day, but for Floridian hog owner Melissa, it's actually true — and not in the way you might think! After visiting a pig farm in college, Melissa decided to adopt her first mini pig, and the family grew to include more adorable additions over the years. With a herd of tiny swine in tow, Melissa's house should be in chaos daily, but a few key tricks help her keep the space in tip-top shape. Take a peek at our video to learn how Melissa embraces her passion for pigs each day while maintaining a tidy space.

We've partnered with Swiffer to share how one woman takes care of her unique family with the help of a few quick cleaning tricks to keep her home pristine.