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The Best Alternatives to Etsy

6 Alternatives to Etsy You Haven't Heard of Yet

While Etsy is an excellent marketplace for finding handmade, unique items, it's not the only place on the Internet you can peruse for handcrafted goods. You might be surprised by how many other options there are. If you've exhausted all that Etsy has to offer, here is a list of stylish alternatives to fill your one of a kind fix.

1. Taigan

A relatively new addition to the collection of online sites selling handmade goods, Taigan offers meticulously selected goods from across the United States and around the world. Taigan prides itself on offering exclusive, sophisticated goods that truly are one of a kind — if you buy something, you can't get another one unless you contact the vendor directly. From gourmet cheeses to elegant jewelry, you will be thoroughly impressed with all Taigan's products.

2. Uncommon Goods

Launched in 1999, Uncommon Goods actually precedes Etsy's handmade market domination. The goal of Uncommon Goods is to connect the consumer with artisans regardless of their location in the world. Unlike Etsy, Uncommon Goods has a team of buyers who scour the world, trade shows, and the Internet who select the pieces sold on the site.

3. ShopIndie / Big Cartel

If you follow your favorite craftsman or artist on Instagram, chances are they sell their goods on Big Cartel. Essentially, Big Cartel allows people to create their own shop through its platform — ShopIndie is the highlight reel of items for sale on the site. Not only are the goods featured on ShopIndie curated, but they rotate so you will always find something new to obsess over.

4. Society 6

Society 6 not only sells rare arts and handmade goods, but they also allow the artist to design without worrying about production. Crafters and vendors submit their graphics and Society 6 handles how they are put on t-shirts, iPhone cases, canvases, paper, etc. If you're feeling ambitious, you too can upload your own design to the site.

5. Amazon Handmade

Amazon is a household name as the one-stop shop for everything you could possibly want, but it is less known for its prowess in showcasing handcrafted goods. What's great about Amazon Handmade is the familiar navigation and filters that allow buyers who know what they want to find it in just a few clicks. At the moment, artisans have to apply to be a vendor so that adds another layer of curation to the goods offered.

6. Brika

The founders of Brika are passionate about bringing beauty and design back to everyday items that are typically overlooked. Brika's products are certainly stunning and the buyer feels more connected to the seller since every vendor has a story. You can explore their picks or scour the site for yourself — either way, you're guaranteed to find creative takes on the monotonous, everyday product.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Mark Popovich
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