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Designer Pipes and Ashtrays

You'll Want These Smoking Accessories Even If You're No Pothead

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I don't smoke cigarettes or marijuana, but I find myself craving the accessories sold on Tetra, an online marketplace that sells designer pipes, ashtrays, and lighters. The company was co-founded by Monica Khemsurov, who clearly has an eye for style and good business opportunities.

While Tetra cannot promote its accessories for marijuana use due to federal law, customers can use their imaginations. With recreational weed legal in eight states and Washington DC and medical marijuana legal in 28, cannabis is going mainstream. And this new generation of smokers has its own aesthetic. "There are a lot of people out there who expect a certain level of quality and style from everything else in their lives, like fashion and home objects," Khemsurov explains. "It really was missing from smoking. We planted a stake."

Tetra's products have a futuristic desert vibe, featuring ombré pastels and colorful glass and marble.

Tetra's products have a modern futuristic desert vibe, featuring ombré pastels and colorful glass and marble. The Metra box by Concrete Cat ($75) has a peach marble look and can be used to store your smoking materials, like rolling papers, or as a place to keep jewelry. Your choice. And the company is incorporating modern technology. For example, the iridescent slide lighter made by Tetra ($20) can be charged with a USB.

Since the launch, Khemsurov says, demand has grown. The company started off as a place to find "rarefied" smoking objects, but today they stock more affordable accessories for returning customers. Khemsurov describes the current offering as "less high-end art" and more accessible. In addition to selling products from dozens of brands, Tetra recently began making its own line. The elegant Balance Pipe was its first product, and now they make lighters, a fog pin, and smoking travel kits.

While they're moving beyond niche to the mainstream, just like the marijuana industry did, Tetra is still focused on its desire to create something special. "We're a design driven brand," Khemsurov says, noting that the company shows off its line on visual-heavy places like Instagram. If you follow them, there's a good chance you'll fall in love with the aesthetic and crave the pieces, even if you don't smoke. To give you a taste, keep reading for 13 pieces of eye candy. You might just start an ashtray collection.

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