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Grandparents Build Treehouse For Grandchildren

These Grandparents Built the Most Epic Tree House Ever

Jeri and Steve Wakefield have added a cool twist to having their grandchildren over for a visit. With the help of friend and architect James Curvan, the couple constructed a tree house that looks like something straight out of a Brothers Grimm fairy tale. Aside from the impressive exterior structure, which boasts a suspension bridge, glow-in-the-dark slide, and wrapped staircase, the interiors are packed with loads of nostalgic charm. But Jeri's reason for building the tree house is what really makes this project special.

In a Houzz article, Jeri explained her intention behind the tree house. "When I was 14 years old, I wrote myself a letter, which I still have," she said. "It reads, 'No matter what happens in my life, I pray that I can be the best grandmother possible. I want my grandchildren to have happy memories of their childhood.'" Since Jeri didn't have a special place to play as a child, she vowed to make the tree house a place her grandchildren would never forget. Take a tour to see the inside of the tree house for yourself!

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