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How to Bring Nature Indoors

3 Practical Ways to Bring the Garden Indoors and Fuel Your Green Thumb

There's nothing more chill-inducing than fragrant greens. We've partnered with Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day to bring natural colors and fresh scents into your home.

There's just something about lush greenery that's good for the soul. Plants are calming, vibrantly colorful, and fragrant enough to infuse stale air with a breath of life. With the wellness movement charging full steam ahead, it's no surprise that our obsession with all things botanical has risen in tandem.

Whether you were born with a green thumb or are looking for a perfectly simple way to liven up your indoor space, now's your time to shine. We've rounded up three ideas so irresistibly easy, anyone will want to try them at home. Chosen with the beauty junkie, minimalist, and aspiring botanist in mind, read on to see our ideas.

Blanket Your Bathroom in Aromatics


Revamping your personal care products can give you an aromatic experience while helping you freshen up and get clean in the process. Mrs. Meyer's — a thoughtfully-formulated brand you probably know for its wildly popular cleaning products — offers its signature garden-inspired scents in a full lineup of bodycare necessities. Among the offerings are hand lotion with an infusion of shea butter and sweet almond oil, a moisturizing body wash, and a do-it-all bar soap. The scent options include earthy basil, citrusy lemon verbena, sweet honeysuckle, and clean lavender. Even better, a portable scented hand sanitizer sprays — available in refreshing Basil and Lavender — kill germs on the go.

Whip Up a Windowsill Herb Garden


Are you an apartment dweller strapped for space or a homeowner seeking a low-commitment way to garden? This one's for you! When it comes to windowsill gardens, herbs and mason jars go together like peanut butter and jelly. Whether you're more rosemary than basil or more sage than thyme, there are tons of options to customize your at-home herb garden with. Just let your taste buds guide you.

It just takes three simple things to assemble these adorable jars: seeds, potting soil, and as many mason jars as your heart desires. Assorted stones are a 100 percent optional (yet aesthetically pleasing) addition. Just bury the seeds in soil, water 'em up, and watch your indoor space sprout gorgeous greens before your eyes. Just be sure they have enough sunlight to flourish and don't let them go thirsty for too long.

Try a Low-Maintenance Terrarium


Get your Instagrams ready! This adorable terrarium is as low-maintenance as they come but as high-impact as any form of indoor greenery. Ideal for lazy girls, minimalists, or those looking to infuse a dreary office desk with life, terrariums are simple to assemble and, thanks to succulents, even easier to take care of.

While you may find one ready-made at your local farmers market, where's the fun in that?! One of the best parts of these photo-ready arrangements are the glass containers they live in. From wide and shallow bowls to hanging spheres to geometric domes, the options are endless. All that's really left to do is fill the bottom with rocks that match your style, choose the succulents, and give them the occasional spritz of water. Say hello to your new favorite decor piece.

Credits: Art Direction: Colleen Lennon; Photography: Diggy Lloyd; Stylist: Kristin St. Clair; Production: Andi Nash

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