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How to Decorate With Colorstrology

Colorstrology Is Real, and It Will Change the Way You Decorate

How to Decorate With Colorstrology
Image Source: A Beautiful Mess

When it comes to astrology, let's admit it: who doesn't love reading their monthly horoscope? Gaining insight into your future relating to your career, relationships, health, and beyond is not only intriguing and exciting, but oftentimes, it can be extremely accurate. So, when we heard about a mashup that existed between astrology, design, and color theory, we had to know more.

This hybrid idealism, coined "colorstrology" by astrologist and numerologist Michele Bernhardt, is thoroughly mapped out in her book Colorstrology: What Your Birthday Color Says About You. Michele has created a comprehensive chart of Pantone colors that are assigned to every single day of the year as well as one color for each month. Using ruling planets, sun signs, and the influence of numbers and other important dates, Michele has determined which color creates the highest benefit for each.

So locate your birthday month ahead, and read on as we break down your most beneficial color as well as exciting ways you can incorporate it into your home space for an extra boost of positive energy.

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