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How to Force Flower Bulbs

The Ultimate Guide to Forcing Spring Flower Bulbs

How to Force Flower Bulbs

If you're the type to always have beautiful, fresh flowers around your home, then you're going to want to read this! Our friends at Porch have some tips for how you can fill your home with gorgeous Spring bouquets during the dreary Winter months.

In the midst of Winter, with its short, dark days and bitterly cold nights, it can seem as if Spring will never arrive. It can get a bit depressing when it seems like the only thing growing are all those piles of snow outside. A great way to combat these Winter doldrums is to force bulbs, a process in which you encourage flowers to bloom weeks or even months before they naturally would.

Forcing bulbs is a fun way to bring on spring and give yourself something to look forward to. Colorful flowers and sweet scents in the dead of winter? Bring it on!

Source: Odd Loves Company

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