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Owners of The Conjuring House Sue Filmmakers

Owners of The Conjuring House Are Suing Filmmakers For Real-Life Nightmare

Filming for horror movie The Conjuring wrapped in 2013, but the owners of the real-life house the film was based on have been haunted by unwanted attention ever since. Norma Sutcliffe and Gerald R. Helfrich say that filmmakers made a mockery of their Harrisville, RI, home by marketing the film as based on a true story and giving away the home's location. As a result, fans of The Conjuring, which focuses on a pair of paranormal investigators looking into the haunting of a Rhode Island farmhouse, have been flocking to their house in droves. Numerous "no trespassing" signs have done little to keep the unwanted visitors at bay, and Norma and Gerald say that they're being harassed and threatened. They're alleging negligence in a lawsuit against Warner Bros., New Line Productions, the Safran Company, and others and seeking monetary damages for their mental, physical, and emotional harm and damage to their property. Turns out the only thing scarier than The Conjuring is the movie's fans!

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