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Painting the Front Door

You'll Never Guess the 1 Spot in the Home That's Replacing Accent Walls

Painting an accent wall in order to spruce up your home with a burst of color is so passé. The newest painting trend is literally right at your doorstep: painted doors. Updating a front door with fresh new color can infuse the whole house with a new personality. In less than a weekend, you can go from plain to playful, from nondescript to effervescent.

This easy refresh isn't specific to the exterior doors, either. Find out what happens to an entryway when you paint the interior of your front door — adding a bright, unexpected hue might be the perfect way to re-energize that space.

There are plenty of reasons to refresh your doors (inside and outside) with a splash of new color, like:

  1. You crave something new, but don't feel like painting an entire room.
  2. You want to dabble in bright color, but an entirely bold overhaul would be overwhelming.
  3. You don't have much time or money to invest, but still want to make a fun change.

The best part of taking advantage of the painted doors trend is that it's low commitment. Does the new shade not succeed? Just paint, paint again!

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