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Queen Elizabeth's Castles

A Mind-Blowing Tour of Queen Elizabeth II's Many Castles

Queen Elizabeth's Castles

The role of sovereign of the United Kingdom comes with many perks. Strangers, friends, and even your immediate family bow to you. Servants wait on you hand and foot. Clothing from the world's finest designers is made to order. And you have one heck of a real-estate portfolio.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II marked a milestone on Sept. 9, when she became the longest-reigning monarch in British history. She's marking the occasion in a typical way, by sticking to her royal duties.

When it finally is time to kick up her heels and celebrate her historic achievement, she'll be able to do so at one of her many homes. The queen and crown are in possession of a massive number of properties around the United Kingdom, but only five see regular use by Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip. In honor of her long reign, we're taking a close look at the many palaces Queen Elizabeth calls home.

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