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What Are Gubi Chairs?

Watched (and Loved) Always Be My Maybe on Netflix? Here's What the Heck Gubi Chairs Are

What Are Gubi Chairs?
Image Source: Netflix

Apart from providing us with an awesome soundtrack and the reminder that Keanu Reeves is a magical human (on the off chance you'd forgotten), Netflix's hit rom-com Always Be My Maybe also alerted us to the existence of an interior design must have: the Gubi chair. In the scene where Ali Wong's celebrity chef character, Sasha, is touring the space of her new San Francisco restaurant, she has a hilarious exchange with her designer, played by Casey Wilson, who has a marked obsession with Gubi chairs.

Full disclosure: after the fourth reference to them, I paused the movie and googled "What are Gubi chairs?" because Casey's explanation of, "You know, they look a bit like . . . chairs" just wasn't enough. If you were in the same boat and also wondering what the heck they are, allow me to explain.

It turns out that GUBI is a Denmark-based design brand committed to creating pieces that "stimulate the senses" and "are beautiful yet usable." Intrigued? The eponymous dining chairs referenced in the film are actually known as the "Beetle" style, if we want to get technical. Why the beetle? Well, as you may have intuited, the chair's design inspiration comes from that four-legged creature. Gubi chairs are a very popular design element in restaurants, and odds are, you've sat in one at some point in your dining experiences.

Ahead, we've rounded up some our favorite Gubi chairs, because, while we may not be able to find you your perfect man like Marcus, we can at the very least help you find a perfect piece of furniture that's beautiful and usable.

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