Allform Is the Modular Sofa of My Minimalist Dreams

POPSUGAR Photography | Charisandra Perez
POPSUGAR Photography | Charisandra Perez
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I first heard of the Allform sectional sofa when I saw one of my favorite YouTubers, Beryl Shereshewsky, feature it on her channel. Clearly it made an impact, because when Allform wanted to partner on this review, I could not have been more excited. What's more? My old couch had just been kicked to the curb (literally — I live in New York City) due to many years of wear and tear. So, I went ahead and selected the 5-seat corner sectional with a chaise — a major upgrade from what I had before. It seemed like the perfect fit for myself and my roommates — my brother, my sister-in-law, and 5 year-old nephew. Read my full review ahead, which details everything you should know about Allform's sofas from ordering all the way to making it a part of your home.

What I Like About the Allform Sectional

When I was looking for a couch, there were three main requirements: easy to put together, easy to clean, and easy to fit in a small/changing space. Really, I just need something low-maintenance and convenient like the Allform 5-Seat Corner Sectional with Chaise ($3,795, originally $4,744).

To the first point — I don't have too much experience with direct-to-consumer furniture; however, I am not sure there are many companies doing it better than Allform. Ordering online is very straightforward: you choose the shape, the fabric, and the leg material (add-ons are optional such as pillows, ottomans, etc.). I went with the 5-seater sectional and chaise (more on that later), charcoal material (the darker the better to hide inevitable stains), and walnut leg finish (not too light, not too dark). The couch ships in one to four weeks, and mine arrived within three. The couch arrived in clearly labeled boxes such as "chair" or "arms," which made assembly much simpler.

POPSUGAR Photography | Charisandra Perez

Speaking of assembly, this couch requires no tools (!!!) to put together. As someone who barely knows the difference between a flathead and Phillips head, this was very good news. All in all, it took me and two other people around two hours to put it together. This is certainly not something I would recommend doing alone, as the pieces can be quite heavy and large to move, but the three of us were able to manage with minimal arguing (if you know, you know). One note: Allform sends a lot of backup screws, washers, etc., and we didn't end up using them all, so don't let that confuse you!

Now on the point of being easy to clean — all Allform sofas come with a stain-resistant coating. This was a big selling point for me as between a 5-year-old who refuses to eat if not in front of television and two pets, things can get pretty messy. We've had the couch for about two weeks now, and I am proud to say it looks just about as good as when we got it (which is quite the accomplishment for us!). A hand-vac makes evening clean-up super simple, and any spills are able to just be wiped up with a dry cloth.

And the final requirement: easy to fit in a small and ever-changing space. I chose the charcoal color because it was dark, yes, but also because the neutral color is able to blend into any living room we move into. We plan on having this couch for a long time, and with the limited lifetime warranty, we need a couch that's a bit of a chameleon. Allform sofas are basically shape-shifters. The modular capabilities let us arrange the couch the way it best fits into our living room as it is right now, but gives us the freedom to create a completely different shape based on any interior changes we make. Right now, we have it set up as a 4-seater couch with the chaise living as its own individual piece. However, once my nephew grows out of the trampoline we currently have in our living room, or we find a new place for our treadmill, we will be able to fit a larger structure. If we move to a place with a longer wall, we can make the couch one long piece or add another chair to the sectional — the possibilities are endless.

POPSUGAR Photography | Charisandra Perez

What's Worth Noting About Allform sofas?

Something I wasn't expecting when the Allform sofa was delivered was how wide and spacious the seats are. The four seater sectional we have set up can easily fit five people (six if you squeeze). The cushions are comfortable enough to nap on (this is coming from someone who can't live without a pillow top mattress), but sturdy enough to maintain their original shape.

POPSUGAR Photography | Charisandra Perez

Speaking of the cushions — as I mentioned before, the fabric comes with a stain-resistant coating. This means absolutely no liquid can touch this couch. Well, that might be a tad dramatic, but essentially this means Lysol wipes, liquid cleaners, or tossing the removable cushion covers in the washing machine is a big no-no. Allform sofas are best maintained by removing any spills with a dry towel or paper towel immediately, and if there is a water (or juice, or soda, or coffee — you get the point) spill, just soak up as much of the liquid as you can with a dry towel.

POPSUGAR Photography | Charisandra Perez

Who Is the Allform Sofa Best For?

I'll keep this short: Allform sofas are best for people looking for a long-lasting, simple couch. This sofa doesn't have a lot of fuss, is very straight-forward and does what it has to. This is great for people who have apartments on the smaller side but are looking for a couch that can grow with them (and future living rooms) by being able to add on chairs, ottomans, and chaises to the existing sofa to make a larger sectional, or conversely, being able to use it as a loveseat for a smaller room by removing pieces.

All in all, this is a sofa where versatility is its main and most commendable feature.

Is the Allform Sofa Worth the Splurge?

All things considered, for the quality of the sofa, Allform is pretty fairly priced. However, it's no small chunk of change, so if you are looking for an investment piece, this one is it. It's reliable, long-lasting, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty, which means it may eventually pay for itself. A couch is the heart of a home — it's where family comes together every night, where friends gather for conversation, and in my home, where we enjoy eating and watching television every evening. So, if there is once place to invest in quality, it's in an Allform sofa.

POPSUGAR Photography | Charisandra Perez

Additional Details

All Allform couches come in seven different colors of their performance fabric along with two leather options, as well. As for size, since the sofas are completely cutomizable: you can add or remove as many pieces to make the furniture fit to your room. While this couch is simple, it's no-tricks, and the modular design is perfect for growing families.

Where Is Allform available?

All products are available on Allform's website. Allform also offers an industry leading 100 Day Trial which ships within one week, so you can try out the product before committing to the full purchase. Allform is currently running a Black Friday sale through Nov. 27 where you can save 20 percent off sitewide with code BFSAVE20. You can also save 20 percent off sitewide during their Cyber Monday sale, which runs from Nov. 28 through Dec. 26 with code CYBERSAVE20.