I Assembled This Home Office Desk in Under 3 Minutes With a Toddler in the Way

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I felt like my bedroom needed a desk: something small and minimalist that wouldn't jut out or make the room feel tight, and that was affordable as well. I was buying it as a surprise for my husband who was out of town and returning in two days, so that made the decision of where to shop pretty darn easy: Amazon. I also knew that I couldn't buy anything that required tons of tools or screws, because we have a 20-month old toddler who would make keeping things organized (not to mention, safe) impossible.

That led me to discover the Writing Computer Desk Modern Simple ($64), which boasted over 2,100 reviews at the time of purchase. Learning that the desk required no tools to build is honestly what sold me. I couldn't really imagine a desk build asking so little of me, but when it arrived I was completely impressed. Save for the annoying styrofoam that keep everything in order during shipment, there were only two pieces I needed to pull out of the box. A metal frame, which was light and easy to move around, and the wood tabletop itself. With my daughter completely in the way, I arranged the desk frame where I wanted it, clicked the wood into place, and I was done. The entire thing took maybe all of two minutes. And the best surprise about it all is that unlike other affordable wood purchases, there was no toxic odor.

It was a fantastic purchase and I highly recommend if you need something clean and simple.