An Honest Review of Brooklinen's Bestselling Waffle Towels

POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren
POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren
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When it comes to home-shopping, our editors are notoriously big fans of Brooklinen — and for good reason. Besides the fact that the brand is constantly releasing new, covetable collections, the retailer carries a wide variety of staple products, all of which are perfect for upgrading your home on a budget. From luxury sheets and duvet covers to organic robes, we've tested (and inevitably fallen in love with) nearly all of Brooklinen's top sellers — and the Brooklinen Waffle Bath Towels ($64, originally $75) are no exception.

In honor of the new year, I decided to treat myself (and my apartment) to a light bathroom refresh, which entailed doing a thorough cleaning of my linens closet, tossing out all of the dated products in my beauty cabinet, and investing in new bath towels that were far less frail and beaten down than my previous set. Brooklinen's waffle towels have been on my shopping wishlist for years, so I decided to finally test them out in all of their plush, textured, and lightweight glory. Ahead, I break down everything to know about these waffle bath towels, from their unique design and cozy coloring to how they hold up over time — even in a bathroom space as cluttered and overused as mine.

What I Like About the Brooklinen Waffle Towels

As someone who has used regular bath towels for years, I can honestly say that switching to these waffle bath towels has been a religious experience — not just for my post-shower routine, but also for my skin's health. Despite their textured design, these towels are remarkably lightweight; they drape effortlessly around my body without feeling too heavy or constricting. They also feature a unique honeycomb weave designed to absorb water faster, thus limiting the time spent drying myself off outside of the shower.

I've also noticed a difference in the look and feel of my skin, particularly across my back and shoulders, where I'm prone to more breakouts. The towels have a much more breathable design compared to a lot of thicker cotton styles, which I think in turn helps give my pores more room to breathe. The material is also noticeably lighter, which mimics the feeling of being wrapped in a gentle hug rather than an overbearing fabric.

While only time will tell how well they hold up, I have washed the towels several times already in the past month and have been pleasantly surprised by the way they've managed to retain their shape even after multiple wash cycles. The towels haven't shrunk or become frayed in any spots, and the material has actually relaxed to feel more comfortable and stretchy when I'm drying off. In full transparency: I have avoided drying my face with the towels, simply because the face wash I use has benzoyl peroxide in it, which has a reputation for discoloring dark-colored materials. Instead, I prefer to just pat my face dry with a white hand towel rather than risk discoloration.

What's Worth Noting

Brooklinen does have special care instructions that they advise users follow in order to ensure to preserve the quality of the towels. Per the brand, you should machine wash the towels cold and then tumble dry them on a low setting. Brooklinen also separately sells their Essential Detergent and Wool Dryer Balls, which shoppers can purchase to further maintain the quality of the towels.

POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren

It's also important to remember that dark-colored towels are more prone to discoloration depending on the products you're using in the shower; my aforementioned face wash, for example, can discolor dark-colored items and leave them with a splotchy, orange discoloring if I'm not careful. As a result, I recommend reserving these towels for special occasions if you're worried about wear and tear, or simply purchasing the set in the white shade to ensure you can easily bleach out any stains over time.

Who Are These Towels Best For?

I'd argue that these towels are perfect for any household or user, but they're especially great if you're someone who wants to elevate your bathroom setup without having to break the bank. Waffle towels boast a thicker and more robust design that feels luxurious. And while this set is made from a durable, Turkish cotton material, it's also reasonably priced — most waffle-towel sets with such a high-grade design cost an upwards of $100 and are typically available in far fewer color options.

Additional Details:

  • Brooklinen's waffle bath towels are made from a 100 percent long-staple Turkish cotton and boast a unique honeycomb weave.
  • The towels are available to shop in six colorways, including onyx, white, botanical green, ocean blue, pale lilac, and blue mist.
  • Each set comes with two bath towels.
  • Per the brand, machine wash these towels cold and tumble dry them on low to preserve their quality better over time.
POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren

Where Are These Waffle Towels Available to Shop?

These towels are available to shop exclusively at Brooklinen.