HomeGoods Is Selling a Candy Corn Ceramic Halloween Tree, and Just Look How Cute!

We've rarely met a Halloween decoration we didn't like, but when they incorporate our favorite thing about the holiday (candy, duh), it's a no-brainer that we're buyin' it. And that's exactly the case with this candy corn ceramic tree from HomeGoods. The home decor store has started rolling out their Halloween decorations in recent weeks, and this tree is definitely one of our favorite things we've seen so far!

Styled like the classic treat, the yellow, orange, and white ceramic pine is sure to be a staple in your home every Halloween. Great for small spaces, it'll look scary good on kitchen tables, window sills, or anywhere else your space needs a little festive addition. You can also dim the lights and flip on the tree's LED bulbs for a chilling glow perfect for fall evenings. And there's no trick-or-treating required to get your hands on this sweet item. Drive, bike, or broomstick over to your nearest HomeGoods, and grab your own for $17 before they disappear.