8 Reasons to Seriously Reconsider Buying a Microfiber Sofa

Microfiber has long been touted as stain-proof, and microfiber-upholstered sofas the assumed choice for parents and pet-owners; alas, just as with granite countertops, the reality is somewhat different. The fabric has some undesirable qualities (not actually being stain-proof amongst them) that will make you think twice before purchasing.

Perhaps even more surprising than microsuede's cons are the pros of natural fabrics. Cotton, linen, wool, and other natural fabric upholstery cleans up better and more easily than microfiber, and leather is significantly more durable than microfiber.

Here's why: microfiber . . .

  • Tends to create a ton of static, making it hard to move around on the furniture
  • Is a magnet for pet hair and clothing fibers
  • Is highly absorbent and can absorb up to seven times its weight in water, making it awful for spills
  • Especially loves to soak up sugary liquids (and never let go)
  • Grabs onto skin and hair oils to stained effect
  • Is nearly impossible to spot-clean because even soap and water will leave a ring
  • Stretches out and become distorted easily, especially in high-usage areas
  • Is very heat-sensitive and warps under high temperatures