This Is the Ikea Wine Table Hack Everyone Is Freaking Out About on Imgur

One decor hack is winning over couples across the internet with its transformation of two Ikea separates into one date-ready wine table. Imgur user daidougei recently shared the DIY that requires two Ikea stools, a chair, some paint, and an afternoon to spare.

First, detach the stool's legs from the base. On one of the bases, draw a circle big enough to fit the widest part of a bottle of wine. On the second base, draw two semicircles that are snug enough to fit the stem of a wine glass, as well as a cut-out in the center. Cut out the holes using a drill and a jigsaw. Shave down and reattach the top stool's legs so that they can squeeze into the cutout. Then attach the larger chair's legs to the bottom stool. Apply a coat of pretty paint and you're all set!

Though this project requires a bit of planning and carpentry, the result looks like a unique furniture accent you can't get at Ikea . . . at least not yet.