This DIY Sconce Hack Is Amazing and Doesn't Require Any Hardwiring

Getting a designer-worthy home doesn't have to be challenging, at least not according to TikTok user @_forthehome. Anyone who has walked into a dreary home in desperate need of a lighting makeover knows how important a simple sconce can be. However, these beautiful lighting features often require calling an electrician out to hardwire them in place, making it a costly and inflexible endeavor all for the sake of beautifying your home. Thankfully, @_forthehome shared a simple hack to brighten up our space for way less money.

After you've picked the perfect sconce for the room, drill the base into the wall. Next, take a threaded PVC plumbing fitting that fits into the socket of the sconce, and glue the nonthreaded side to the back of a puck light, which is commonly used in cabinets for ambient lighting and often comes with a remote. Once the glue is dry, screw the threaded end into the mounted sconce and attach the lightbulb cover. All you need now is a simple press of the remote and you have a trendy sconce light that's ideal for reading and creating the ultimate designer mood. Watch the video to see the lighting magic happen.