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Dyson Pure Cool Me Purifying Fan Review

Calling All Allergy Sufferers: This Purifying Fan Is What You've Been Waiting For

Dyson Pure Cool Me Purifying Fan Review
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The last couple years, my dust allergies have been worse than ever (unluckily for me, I live in a very dusty apartment). I used to find myself waking up with a stuffy nose and taking allergy pills daily before bed. Then a doctor recommended that I try sleeping with a purifier next to the bed. That helped at first, but only solved one problem.

Admittedly, I'm a total night sweater and get really hot in my sleep, so I usually sleep with a cooling fan by my side. It felt like a bit much to sleep with both a fan and a purifier in my face, but then Dyson released the product I had been waiting for. The brand's newest addition, the Dyson Pure Cool Me Personal Purifying Fan ($349) has been a total game changer for me.

The fan is made with a built-in HEPA filter that purifies the air it uses to cool you. The activated carbon filter captures 99.97 percent of allergens and pollutants, including pollen, bacteria, and pet dander. The dome top blows precisely where you point it, plus it also rotates and regulates the air around you. My favorite feature: it has a night-time mode with a quiet setting and dimmed display, so it's easy to sleep with.

I mostly keep it on my nightstand, but on hot days I've noticed putting it in other rooms on full blast has cooled the temperature a lot. It makes the air around me feel so clean and breathable, too. All the ways I use it make it totally worth the price tag. I'm just a few weeks in now and I haven't taken any allergy medicine since I got it. My sinuses feel clear every morning, and now I can't imagine sleeping without it.

So, if this is something you've also been waiting for, don't wait a second longer. It also comes in cute pink and orange shades. Keep reading to shop and check out the features.

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