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Eve Flare Smart Light Review

I Tried This Smart Light For 1 Week, and I've Never Felt More Relaxed in My Home

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The more time I've had to spend at home through the pandemic, the more value I place on good mood lighting and its crucial role in creating a relaxing, luxurious environment in my home. I've always been less than impressed by the built-in lighting that comes with most apartments — the harsh overhead quality makes me uneasy, and I usually wind up using candles or string lights to get a more relaxing feel. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to try out the Eve Flare Smart Light ($100); its customizable, portable lighting features seemed like the perfect answer to my lighting needs.

For ease of use, the Eve Flare Smart Light can't be beat! The app was easy to download and set up, and it has a wide variety of features, settings, presets, and customizations. I felt a huge improvement in my mood when using it and really enjoyed being able to warm or cool the light depending on the situation. My husband and I made good use of the timer features and color presets, setting the light to change color and dim the brightness around bedtime to keep our sleep schedule on track.

The color settings are completely adjustable within the app, and I was able to fine-tune the temperature, saturation, and brightness of the light exactly the way I wanted. Playing with the settings gave me an idea of how versatile this light is — it can be used for everything from writing in your journal to relaxing in your evening bath, or it can even be used for display purposes and holiday decorations.

Another lighting challenge in my apartment is the lack of outlets, so the Eve Flare Smart Light really comes in handy here. It has a quick charge time and long battery life, lasting for several hours and working great in places like the bathroom or outside on my patio where there are fewer available electrical connections. I got to use the light for a comforting bath and evening glass of wine, and it was a great addition to the experience.

The only negative to the smart light is its Apple-only compatibility. Android users are definitely missing out on a really cool product because the app only works with Apple devices. Here's hoping that the app is expanded to work with Android devices so that more people can enjoy it!

I would highly recommend the Eve Flare Smart Light for anyone who enjoys soft, customizable, and portable lighting in their living spaces. It's exceptionally easy to set up and manage, and it's a good solution for poor-quality, built-in apartment lighting. Plus, it generally adds a special, elevated quality to any room or situation it's used in. I don't think I'll ever go back to regular, candle-lit baths again!

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Eve Flare Smart Light
Eve Flare Smart Light
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