You Can Now Make Ikea Furniture For Gingerbread Houses, and Hopefully It's Easier to Put Together

We love building and decorating gingerbread houses during the holidays. With so many fun options — we're talkin' chalets, campers, castles, and more made out of our favorite spiced cookie — the beloved activity has become so much bigger (and more creative) than just piping some icing on a square house. But, as fun as it is, we all know the assembly step is a real pain. Cookies crumble, icing hardens, and sides just don't stick together. And you know what else is a similar pain? Putting together Ikea furniture, which is why the geniuses over at the furniture store decided to combine the two into — wait for it — gingerbread houses made out of Ikea furniture!

You can now download six free "cookie cutters" on Ikea's website to make delicious furniture for your gingerbread home. The assembly stencils and instructions will help you make some of Ikea's iconic furniture fit for multiple rooms, including the BILLY bookcase, STRANDMON armchair, MALM bed frame, LACK table, JOKKMOKK table and chair set, and RENS rug. You can either place the stencils onto Ikea's gingerbread dough or your own homemade dough. Once the dough is ready and rolled out, cut out the paper templates and use them to trace the shapes onto the dough. After, bake the cut pieces and assemble them into furniture using warm granulated sugar or icing by following Ikea's instructions. Without the need for actual tools like nails and a hammer (and 100 screws), making this gingerbread furniture is for sure easier than making actual furniture (plus you get to eat any leftovers)!

In addition to being a fun activity for you to do yourself, this is also a great thing to share with any design-obsessed friends and family. If putting together Ikea furniture is your Mount Everest, or if you just want to see how creative you can get with your frosting designs, you'll need to try this ASAP.