Hilary Duff Opens the Doors to Her Colorful (and Incredibly Kid-Friendly!) California Home

YouTube | Architectural Digest
YouTube | Architectural Digest

Step inside Hilary Duff's LA home, and you'll find a space built with family in mind. The Younger actress recently brought Architectural Digest along for a tour of the Georgian-style structure she's been living in for nearly a decade — since she was pregnant with her first child, Luca. After remodeling two times, Hilary has settled on a colorful, chic, modern vibe for her interior design, and it's still incredibly family-friendly.

"It always looks this fancy in here. These pillows always look like this, and I always have fresh flowers and no kids stuff around," she said sarcastically during the tour. "This is what it always looks like." Despite her jokes, a stray Sharpie doodle on the coffee table or a baby bite mark on the fruit in the kitchen are the perfect imperfections that make Hilary's home so lovable. Her daughter's room radiates joy with its various shades of pink, and her son's space is the ideal getaway for an 8-year-old, complete with a massive slide. Family pictures fill the formal living room and Hilary's private sitting area/bathroom, where she also delivered her now 2-year-old daughter Banks during a home birth.

"We live in this house and we're hard on this house — I think that's what makes it feel like such a home," she said. We love that sentiment! It's refreshing to see someone be so candid and honest about creating a family space. Keep reading for a close-up look at the special details of Hilary's home, from her vintage credenza to her new passion project: the chicken coop.

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Watch Hilary Duff's House Tour For Architectural Digest

See Standout Moments From Hilary Duff's Home Tour Video

See Standout Moments From Hilary Duff's Home Tour Video

Welcome to Hilary's home!

As soon as guests enter, they can spot a special vintage credenza that Hilary bought when she was nearly 19.

YouTube | Architectural Digest

Hilary's mom likes to joke that she "destroyed" the wooden surface by putting her coffee or water cups on top — but furniture is meant to be used, right?

These chairs originally took up residence in Hilary's bedroom, but they didn't get a lot of use or admiration hidden away, so now they're in the foyer.

You'll catch a glimpse of Hilary's 8-year-old son Luca during the tour. Yes, he can fit in this rattan cabinet.

Hilary says she'll have these Kelly Wearstler Laurel Lounge chairs forever. The Sharpie stain on the coffee table, however? That probably won't last.

A chic, modern place to relax.

This beautiful piece was created by a California artist named Kate Hall.

This crystal is where 2-year-old Banks goes to "charge" although Hilary doesn't think she needs much more energy these days.

The family spends most of their time in the informal living room that oh-so-conveniently connects to the kitchen.

Don't you want to take a nap on all of these plush throw pillows?

No, that's not a piece of art — or maybe it is, depending on how you look at it. This is actually Hilary's Frame TV, which disguises itself as a picture instead of your average black screen.

This fireplace is where guests will "perch" when Hilary and her fam have company over.

Hilary is pretty obsessed with the statement tiles she used for her kitchen, and they give the whole room a bold flair.

This massive island makes for great entertaining.

A bar cart is very, very important when you're doubling as a second-grade teacher during shelter in place.

This massive dining room table is made out of one solid piece of wood. Hilary loves the fact that it's "quite beat up" so she doesn't feel like her kids can do anything to it at this point.

The kids' playroom used to be a formal dining room, but it wasn't getting much use. Now, it's the space for Luca and Banks to chill with their fish and lizard!

Luca and Hilary say "I love you all the way" to each other every night, so she had a neon sign made with the quote for the playroom.

The racks of clothes hanging in Hilary's closet are just as colorful as the rest of her decor.

A look inside 2-year-old Banks's room is like an explosion of rainbow colors.

And Luca's epic room . . .

A slide!

Plus, some awesome green geometric tile is featured in Luca's bathroom.

The outdoor space gets more use these days, as Hilary and her husband Matthew Koma entertain friends at a socially-safe distance.

This bathroom is Hilary's sanctuary. She can do her makeup at the vanity, practice guitar on the couch, and relax in the tub. It's also where she gave birth to her daughter, Banks, in 2018.

Last, but certainly not least, the chicken coop! Hilary is trying her hand at raising chickens, and seems to be thriving. We love this for her — and her new feathered friends!