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How to Make Your Home Feel Safe and Cozy

Make Your Home Feel Ultracozy and Safe With These Nesting Tips

We've partnered with The Home Depot to help you feel more comfortable, safe, and cozy in your home.

Whether you live in an artsy loft apartment or traditional ranch-style house, everyone wants to feel safe and cozy in their home. That feeling of total comfort at home is priceless — and luckily, doesn't require a huge investment of time or money to achieve. Follow these four key pieces of advice to turn your home into the ultimate restful, comforting sanctuary.

Amp Up the Comfort

Adding more texture is a quick and easy way to make any space feel more comfy. Look for throw pillows, blankets, and even furniture in textured fabrics like faux fur, flannel, and corduroy to bring a sense of warmth to your room. You'll be surprised at what a difference a few accent pieces can make.
Stay Warm and Cozy

During the cold winter months, you want to make sure your home stays perfectly warm — literally. Invest in a smart Google Nest Thermostat to keep the temperature set to your personal specifications. This easy-to-install device comes in multiple colors with a reflective mirror display — we're partial to the fog color, available online only at The Home Depot. The thermostat connects to the Google Home app, so it's easy to monitor the temperature from anywhere. That way, when you come inside from shoveling the driveway on a snowy day, you know you'll be greeted by a toasty warm living room.
Add Personal Touches

A house doesn't really become a home until it reflects your unique personality. One easy place to start? Bring some personal touches to the decor, like creating a gallery wall of your favorite family photos or decorating the bedroom with art prints that remind you of a beloved vacation spot.
Choose Smart Security

The peace of mind you get from knowing that your home is always secure — even when you're not there — is priceless. Give yourself that gift by installing a smart security system on your front door. Set up the Wyze Wireless Outdoor Surveillance Camera above the doorway to keep an eye on everything that goes on, day and night. The camera sends a notification to your smartphone app when it detects activity and even lets you speak to anyone coming to the door with two-way audio.

Combine the camera with a Lockly Model-S smart lock for the ultimate secure experience. Not only does the keypad eliminate the need to fumble around for your keys, but it also allows you to grant remote access to trusted visitors while you're away — perfect for letting in the dog walker or house-sitter. Nothing compares to the sense of calm you'll feel knowing that your home is secure.

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