Jason Momoa's Man Cave Looks Straight Out of Mad Max, and Somehow We're Not Surprised

The mischievous laugh that Jason Momoa let out after mentioning his "man cave" is really something to be heard. The actor recently made a virtual appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in which he discussed spending more time at home with his family. Said home, by the way, features skateboarding ramps, rock climbing walls, and a space to throw tomahawks. "I rarely get to be home, so it's pretty special," Jason said.

For the unconventional interview, Jason was seated in his aforementioned man cave — one of many, he noted. Ellen replied, "I didn't want to judge your living room if that's what your living room looked like." The rugged and dimly lit space is filled with at least ten guitars, artwork by his daughter, a motorcycle, and various hanging objects that look straight out of Mad Max: Fury Road.

In fact, if some of those objects look like props, that's because they are props: "The things hanging are probably things from movies, like I got some souvenirs." Jason then proceeded to pull out a fake tongue featured prominently in a Khal Drogo fight scene on Game of Thrones. He added, "I'm sure y'all remember that."

Well, we sure have learned a lot. Watch the entertaining and eye-opening interview ahead.

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Watch Jason Momoa's Virtual Appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Photos of Jason Momoa's Man Cave

Photos of Jason Momoa's Man Cave