My Home Smells Fresh and Clean After Using Made In Kitchen Candles

Made In's Kitchen Candles in Zest of Lemon, Tear of Basil, and Pinch of Salt on kitchen countertop.
POPSUGAR Photography | Anvita Reddy
POPSUGAR Photography | Anvita Reddy
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As soon as I moved into my apartment, I became obsessed with cooking. I love trying new recipes, and lately, I've been attempting to whip up seafood dishes. From searing salmon to making shrimp curry, the more flavor-packed my food is, the more it affects the scent of my space. Sure a kitchen that smells like a freshly-cooked meal is mouth-watering and inviting, but when that scent settles down, it becomes more pungent than pleasant. It isn't the best aroma to have lingering in the air, especially if you live in a smaller space. After turning on air purifiers and using air fresheners but not getting the results I wanted, I tried out Made In Kitchen Candles ($129, originally $147). They claim to help eliminate kitchen odors rather than only cover them up, which is exactly what I needed. Here are my thoughts on the odor-exterminating candles.

What I Like About the Made In Kitchen Candles:

Made In Kitchen Candles are the kitchen accessory I never knew I needed. You'd think that any candle can do the job of freshening up your space, but these candles go the extra mile. When I light them, I notice that the fragrance doesn't mix with the scents of my cooking but rather, replaces it completely.

Made In Kitchen Candle in Zest of Lemon on kitchen countertop.
POPSUGAR Photography | Anvita Reddy

Zest of Lemon: If you're looking for something citrusy and sweet, the Zest of Lemon ($49) is a zingy scent that will leave your space smelling fresh and vibrant. It has notes of bergamot, Sicilian lemon, orange blossom, sea mist, and olive tree.

Made In Kitchen Candle in Pinch of Salt on kitchen countertop.
POPSUGAR Photography | Anvita Reddy

Pinch of Salt: The Pinch of Salt ($49) candle is a fresh and clean fragrance that smells like a beach house. It's got a coastal vibe that blends the scent of fresh laundry with an aquatic tropical twist. If you want your space to smell like it's been deeply cleaned, this is the scent for you. It has notes of citrus, sea salt, water orchid, coconut, seagrass, and driftwood.

Made In Kitchen Candle in Tear of Basil on kitchen countertop.
POPSUGAR Photography | Anvita Reddy

Tear of Basil: The Tear of Basil ($49) candle smells exactly like fresh basil from the farmer's market. It's a refreshing, earthy scent that transforms your kitchen into an Italian vacation oasis. It has notes of pink rhubarb, Thai basil, violet leaf, fennel seed, and ginger root.

All three of these candles eliminate a range of cooking and kitchen scents, whether I'm searing salmon, making chicken curry, or frying up onions and garlic. If you're trying to decide which candle to go for, it's really up to your taste and what fragrance notes you prefer. I alternate them based on my mood and meal for the day; for example, I'll burn the Taste of Basil when I make Italian food to match the vibe.

What to Consider Before Trying the Made In Kitchen Candles:

Since these candles are designed to be odor-eliminating, the scent of each of these candles is fragrant. I can smell them without even opening the box. Although I don't mind that, it can be a bit overwhelming for those who are sensitive to potent fragrances.

Though you can light these candles at any time during your cooking process, I noticed you get the most impact when you light them post-cooking as you're cleaning up your kitchen.

To ensure these candles last, the brand suggests trimming your candle to a fourth of an inch before each use. This also helps reduce the amount of smoke in the air. It's also best to burn candles on heat-resistant surfaces and place candles away from drafts. I like to use them on my kitchen island countertop away from the stove and exhaust fan.

Who's the Made In Kitchen Candles Best For?

The Made In Kitchen Candles are great for anyone who loves to cook at home but isn't a fan of the lingering or pungent scents. But it's also just a fabulous, fresh-scented set of candles to own if you just want something bright and summery for your home. Although these candles have a functional aspect to them, their contemporary design doubles as home decor that will make any countertop or table look more elevated.

Additional Details:

  • The candles are available in three scents: Zest of Lemon, Pinch of Salt, Tear of Basil.
  • Each candle offers a 60-hour burn time.
  • The candles are made from a blend of coconut, soy, and cosmetic grade wax with a lead-free cotton wick.
  • The candles are vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, non-GMO.

Where is the Made In Kitchen Candles Available?

The Made In Kitchen Candles are available on the brand's site. You can also get all three scents in a set for $129.


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