As If This Blow-Up Chair Wasn't Nostalgic Enough, It Even Has a Spot For a Razr Flip Phone

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Hear us out: it's a nice day, you want some vitamin D, but you're stuck inside working . . . what do you do? Well, popular inflatable brand Minnidip might have the answer. Rather than posting up indoors, you can now sit comfortably in fresh air thanks to the Minnidip x Razr chair (and yes, Razr as in our favorite early aughts flip phone, Razr). The two forces teamed up to create a blow-up statement furniture piece, and it's giving us all kinds of nostalgic feels. Ideal for those with apartments, this chair can easily be inflated/deflated to fit your needs. Blow it up and take your home office outside, or better yet, bring it to the park with you on a nice day. Its comfortable, stylish design is a fit for anything.

Customized in a light blush gold color with a one-of-a-kind cell phone rest and a clear vinyl base that makes you appear like you're floating, this blow-up chair may be even cooler than the ones we owned in the '00s, and that's saying something. Preorder yours today (they start shipping the week of Sept. 21) to get it before summer ends! Trust us, you don't want to miss it.