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26 Decor Details in Monica's Apartment From Friends

26 Amazing Decor Details We Noticed About Monica's Apartment From These Friends Photos

26 Decor Details in Monica's Apartment From Friends
Image Source: Everett Collection

The final episode of Friends may have aired back in 2004, but the show is still as iconic as ever. Besides the irresistible chemistry between the actors, watching the show fundamentally feels like coming home, especially the familiar and cozy vibe of Monica's NYC apartment. It's one of the most recognizable homes in TV history, and you probably know most details like the back of your hand, whether it's the purple walls, her famous Jouets poster behind the TV, or the yellow picture frame on the back of the front door.

The late '90s and early 2000s decor pieces are pretty amazing, and we noticed so many little things we didn't catch before by going through some old photos. Keep scrolling to see them all. What else can you spot?

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