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DIY Ikea Built-In Bookcases

This Genius Ikea Hack Adds Loads of Storage

DIY Ikea Built-In Bookcases
Image Source: Avery Street Design

Set bookcase cabinets on top (unpainted and without doors on them) and position them all in a row next to each other (sides touching with no space in between) on the base. Make sure the row is in the exact center of the wall, with the same amount of space on either side at the outside edges.

You'll also want to make sure you place your cabinets so they are protruding out from the cages about an inch. Drywall (which will be going around the bookcases on all sides) will be 1/2" and the trim will go on top of that. You want everything to line up when you're done, but err on the side of the bookcase sticking out further than the trim. If it doesn't look right, you can always add a second layer of drywall or wood trim, but you can't push the bookcase back into the wall further. Make sense?

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