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DIY Ikea Built-In Bookcases

This Genius Ikea Hack Adds Loads of Storage

DIY Ikea Built-In Bookcases
Image Source: Avery Street Design

Build a cage for above the bookcases. Same construction method as the base. It needs to be a very tight fit — touching the ceiling and touching the bookcases when you're done — so measure well and shim accordingly. Make it snug.

Install the cage at the top of the cabinets by setting it on top and screwing it into the ceiling. Then run a bead of Liquid Nails in between the cage and the bookcases to bond them together. Make sure the cage is perfectly level. Check and check again, use shims. Take care to make sure the front of it is level (not slanting diagonally back or anything but standing up straight and plumb).

Wire it up for electricity if you're planning to do so.

Styling the still-under-construction bookcases with pink peonies and DIY artwork is optional.

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