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How to Decorate For Happiness

6 Surprising Reasons Your Home Might Be Giving You Bad Vibes

How to Decorate For Happiness
Image Source: Studio McGee

Feeling overwhelmed every day in your home? We've all been there. The stack of bills that need to be filed away. The boxes from your last move that you just haven't unpacked yet. The pile of clothes waiting to go to Goodwill. What you may be defining as "things to take care of" are actually clutter.

Fix: Put It Away
Set a timer for just 10 minutes. Pick something you want to clear away, and just dedicate that time. When your time is up, either move on with your day or set another 10 minutes. If you chose to move on, tackle the same pile the next day for 10 more minutes, and then the next, etc.

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