I'll Fight Anyone Who Tries to Take My Pillow Cube — You Hear That, Husband?

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Recently, I found myself having trouble sleeping, what with the various inescapable national and worldwide crises occurring around us. I tried all the tips, tactics, and techniques for better sleep, but the solution turned out to be something unexpected: a new pillow.

As one might say in an infomercial, this wasn't just any pillow. No, this was a Pillow Cube ($70), named such because it is, quite literally, a sturdy block of memory foam. Reps for the Pillow Cube had sent me a sample months before, but change is hard and I tossed it aside after a single night — how dismissive I was. I gave it to my husband, but it slowly crept back to my side of the bed as I realized it provided the perfect angle for pre-sleep reading. After several consecutive nights falling asleep with my head resting on the squishy cube, Kindle askew in my fingers, I conceded that perhaps I was too judgmental of this bizarre block.

At five inches thick, it lifts and holds my head at just the right distance from the bed, and my shoulders don't get all scrunched and smooshed while I sleep. The charcoal bamboo memory foam ensures that my head never gets too hot. (There is no "cool side" of the pillow, because it just doesn't get too warm in the first place.) The pillowcase that comes with the cube is also quite soft! As someone who has been attached to the squishiest of pillows all my life, I'm actually shocked that I now prefer the firmness of the Pillow Cube. If you've been waking up with neck pain, well, I highly recommend you talk to a doctor, but then maybe try the Pillow Cube.