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Find Out Your Cleaning Style With This Quiz

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Everyone has their own cleaning preferences. We partnered with Clorox® to help you figure out your own unique style.

When it comes to cleaning, there's a definite spectrum of personalities. Maybe you're the type who can't stand having a single dirty dish in the sink; maybe you don't mind the occasional pile up of laundry; or maybe you haven't touched the shower grime since you moved in. Answer the questions below to determine your cleaning style, and which products you should use to live your most sparkling life, both when you're home alone and when you have your loved ones over for a visit.

What Kind of Cleaner are You?
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When there are dirtydishes in the sinkyou feel: Nothing, becausethat never happens. Like it’s time toload the dishwasher. A panic attackcoming on. It’s no biggie! Ok — I’ll cleanthem before bed. How would youdescribe yourcloset? Someone please helpme fold everything. Tidy and neat —like Marie Kondotaught me! Like a hurricanehit. Mostly tidy, with anoccasional pile. Color-coded andorganized by season. When your loved onesare coming over, howdo you prepare? No heavy lifting,just the basics. I make sureeverything is in itsright place. Maybe light acandle? Quick vacuum andtidy up. I spend the entireday cleaning. How often do youdeep-clean yourshower or tub? I usually letsomeone else do it. I’d ratherorganize myproducts. I’ve never donethat... Every month or so. Um, every day... Describe your moodafter Springcleaning: Exhausted. Decluttering keepsme sane. What is Springcleaning? Content andaccomplished. On an all-naturalhigh!