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Sarah Paulson Gives a Tour of Her Malibu Beach House

Tour the Dreamy Malibu Home Sarah Paulson Basically Bought Because of Her Dog

Sarah Paulson Gives a Tour of Her Malibu Beach House

Despite being a scream queen, Sarah Paulson doesn't actually live in a haunted mansion. In fact, her Malibu beach house is quite the opposite. The actor offered a tour of the home in a video for Architectural Digest shared on Feb. 7. In it, she explained her relatable reason for buying the property. "I don't know if it's going to sound strange — it certainly won't to any person who is wild about their pets," she said. "I took my dog for a walk on the beach. I've never seen my dog so happy. So I actually really got the house for my dog. That's the truth."

Paulson's dog clearly has excellent taste. Starting the tour in her sunny living room, Paulson said there's three rooms in total: a bathroom, a bedroom, and a living room-slash-kitchen. "I love a slash," she said, emphasizing the compact dimensions. Although the common area is quite small in size, large transom windows allowed natural light directly into the kitchen, making the room feel open and breezy.

"Everything about the house is quite cozy because of the space, but I think we did some really special things," Paulson said, crediting Amy Kehoe, who helped with the interior design. "It actually feels like being in a little book nook or something, with very very beautiful touches all over that just make everything feel really peaceful and lovely." Paulson said the home is where she unwinds and escapes. "To me, it's just about finding ways to unplug, and anytime I'm near the water, I really feel like that's easier."

As Paulson continued, her eye for detail quickly became apparent. In the living room, she pointed out how the scalloped edges of her coffee table were made to represent the water. Likewise, her kitchen countertops were specifically selected for their subtle seafoam-green tint, and nautical rope hardware on the cabinets added to the beach theme in their own inconspicuous ways. Ahead, see more of the Malibu getaway Paulson's dog inspired her to buy.

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