Put Your Hands Up If You Need This "Single Ladies" Candle in Your Life

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All my single ladies, this one's for you! The maker of some of our favorite candles, Whiskey River Soap Co., is back with this Candle For Single Ladies ($24). While yes, this is a beautiful hat tip to Beyoncé and her flawless song "Single Ladies," this candle is also just a bit of fun for any of the singles in the world.

The candle smells like "Beyoncé's breath" and "the best time of your life," and I don't know about you, but those sound like the very same thing to me! If you're wondering, though, what that actually smells like, the answer is apparently lemonade. Duh. Light up this bad boy when you're ready to live it up and bask in all your singleness. This candle also functions as the perfect accessory to your next Beyoncé-themed dance party.

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