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Smart Home Products That Give You Peace of Mind

These Smart Home Essentials Will Keep You From Panicking If You Left Something On

We've partnered with The Home Depot to introduce you to the smart home products that can give you peace of mind that your home is always safe and secure, even when you're not there.

You know the feeling: getting halfway to your destination only to realize you can't remember if you shut the garage door or turned the oven off before you left. Thankfully, there's a new way to silence these nagging worries (besides turning around to double check): smart home devices.

These high-tech products link to your phone, allowing you to check the video feed of the front door or the temperature of the living room even when you're not home. The peace of mind you'll get from knowing your home is safe and secure 24/7? Priceless. Here's how to begin your smart home journey with a few key essentials from The Home Depot.


First and foremost, consider your entre. From delivery people dropping off packages to surprise visitors showing up at odd hours, you want to stay up-to-date on what's going on outside your door. Enter: the Wyze Outdoor Surveillance Camera. This weather-resistant camera notifies you when it detects motion or sound, allowing you to peek on what's happening at home when you're away.


Upgrade your front door lock to a smart deadbolt like the Schlage Camelot Encode Smart Wifi Door Lock With Alarm for even more security. Instead of a traditional key, customized codes unlock the door. You can even create guest codes to let in frequent visitors like babysitters and family members. Plus, you never have to fumble through your purse to find your keys again!


Leaving the heat on when you're away might not be a security risk, but it can be expensive. Keep a watchful eye on your home's temperature with the Ecobee 3 Lite Smart Thermostat. This device not only learns your routine but also adjusts for changing humidity and local electricity demand to keep your bill low. If you're feeling a little too cold, just adjust the temperature from your smartphone — it's that simple.


Best of all, you can manage each and every smart home device right from your phone. Whether you're picking up groceries, waiting at the doctor's office, or coming home from work late, you can check on your home with a few taps. Even if you don't check your smart home feed constantly, just knowing you can is incredibly comforting.

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Illustrations: Maja Tomljanovic