Show off Your Style and Maximize Your Space With These Studio Apartment Decorating Ideas

Studio apartments are an excellent choice for those living alone, as they are often more affordable than larger spaces and they have a unique ability to feel super cozy. But between the often limited square footage combined with the open floor plan that most studios feature, it can be hard to designate distinct spaces within a studio or to even figure out where to start with your interior design plans. Luckily, with a few simple design ideas, you can make your studio apartment truly feel like home. Anaïs Chaumien, a French interior designer based in New York City and owner of Design by Anaïs, told POPSUGAR, "To decorate a studio, you have to keep two main goals in mind: Make the space appear as massive as possible, and define the different spaces." There are several ways you can do this, including using light and mirrors, and finding the right furniture. For more practical and stylish tips for your studio apartment, check out the slides ahead!

Make Your Space Appear Bigger With Light

Bright, well-lit spaces feel bigger, so be sure to maximize the light in your space as best you can. "To make the space appear bigger, light is your best friend," said Anaïs. "If you have a wide window, emphasize it as much as you can. If you want to add light, use mirrors and light colors. A large white rug on a darker floor could be a great idea."

Room Dividers and Rugs Add Privacy and Character to Your Space

Separating your space with room dividers and rugs is a great way to breakup your studio apartment. "Defining the different areas of your studio is crucial and will help you add a feeling of space to the apartment," said Anaïs. "If you can use a room divider to separate the sleeping area from the rest of the room, it's a great idea. You will immediately add intimacy and character to the space." She also suggested adding rugs under your sofa to separate your living space, or adding wallpaper to define a space in an apartment, such as behind the sofa or against the dining table or your desk, as this will "create the feeling of having different spaces while staying in your studio."

Match the Scale of Your Furniture to Your Space

It can be tempting to want to fill your studio apartment with a big sectional or a huge reclining chair (à la Chandler and Joey), but to maximize space, make sure the scale of your furniture matches the scale of your apartment. Or if you do want a sectional feeling, try an ottoman instead, as its portable and can be moved if you want more room. "When decorating a studio space, the scale of the furniture is so important!" said Reham Fagiri, co-founder and CEO of AptDeco. "Even if the sectional sofa technically fits inside the studio, make sure the scale of the piece is in harmony with the space. In this case, use a loveseat instead of a sectional sofa. Try to avoid overcrowding the space as well. That's easier said than done sometimes, but finding clever ways to work in the necessities without going overboard will help make the space feel bigger."

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Color

Introducing your personality into your space is important, and color is an amazing way to do that. Be bold, mixing colors and patterns of rugs, wall art, and paint colors. "Color blocking is an excellent way to help create sections or designated areas in a studio space," Devin Shaffer, lead interior designer at Decorilla Online Interior Design, told POPSUGAR. "For some renters paint isn't always an option. However, by choosing contrasting styles of area rugs for different parts of the room, the visual effect can be incredible. I particularly love seeing two types of patterns that are on opposite ends of the style spectrum — for example, introducing a larger traditional Persian rug with a slightly smaller modern striped rug can be a playful design element."

Display a Large Mirror

Prop a large mirror against a corner of a wall or hang a large mirror somewhere in your apartment to add more space to your apartment. "Without an oversized mirror, a studio design will never be complete," Shaffer said. "Not only do large mirrors create an illusion of more space, they also pack utility and are especially useful when placed near the dressing or wardrobe area of an apartment."

Opt For Muted, Natural Tones

With accessories, furniture, or bedding in muted, natural tones, you can focus on highlighting a few key pieces. "Clean, muted tones in any room provide the perfect backdrop for a variety of styles, from classical to super contemporary," Jan Rutgers, co-owner of JANGEORGe Interiors and Furniture, told POPSUGAR. "Sophisticated artwork or luxurious furniture pieces look more elevated with a clean, airy environment. When designing a room, I like to think long-term for my clients. What will be the most timeless and elegant choice for designing their room that also leaves the space feeling soothing and calming? In small spaces keeping everything lighter can help open the space."

Paint an Arch to Create a Backdrop

Create a backdrop and fun accent piece to any wall in your home by painting an arch in a favorite color. "I have been loving the trend of painting an arch to create a focal point within a studio space," said Drew Scott, a stylist behind Lone Fox YouTube Channel, who teaches his more than one million subscribers home DIY. "This is a super easy and effortless way to create the look of a headboard or backdrop for your media unit or TV."

Add Plants

You can't go wrong adding a little greenery to your home. Plants (even faux ones) are sure to make your studio apartment feel like a home. "Plants add a quality of liveliness and brightness to any room," Jessica Harris, designer at Living Spaces, told POPSUGAR. "In a small space, hang plants from the ceiling in trendy macramé planters to open up surface space and bring the eye up."

Be Creative With Every Space

Any blank wall or unused corner in your apartment can be used for storage to maximize your space. Emilie Baltorinic, designer at Living Spaces, told POPSUGAR: "Find furniture with hidden storage — a storage coffee table or ottoman is an ideal place to store your remotes, magazines, your family photo albums, or anything else that doesn't need to be displayed or doesn't add an aesthetic appeal to your small space." Baltorinic emphasizes getting creative with unused spaces. "Look for storage in unexpected places, such as discreet corners tucked away from sight. For example, the area behind doors, under stairways, above headboards and under bed frames can serve as an easy base for racks, shelving, built-in drawers, and more."

Let Your Personality Shine Through

Don't worry about following the "rules" of what your apartment should look like. Go ahead and fill a bookshelf with your favorite shoes, handbags, sunglasses, flowers, perfumes, or whatever else you fancy. Make the space work for you, and you will be happy. "Always inject personality into your space, no matter the size or layout," Amanda Thompson, president and CEO of Aline Studio, told POPSUGAR. "You want your home to be a reflection of you and your tastes, and you can do this easily through artwork, decor and accent pieces, even lighting fixtures."