This Video of Bickering Christmas Trees Is Going Viral, and It's So Hilarious

Driving around looking at holiday lights is one of those quintessential winter activities, and it's usually one that includes mugs of hot cocoa in hand, acoustic covers of "Silent Night" on the radio, snow falling gently around, and the soft glow of twinkly lights straight out of a Hallmark movie. But if you want to laugh — like really laugh — to mix things up from the usual "oohs" and "ahhs," this bickering Christmas trees display is exactly what you need. TikTok user Brielle Faith caught the whole thing on video, and it's Christmas decor with an edge, which is something we can get behind. It's also way too relatable when thinking of fighting with siblings and family members during the holidays.

The display, while very extra, starts off like a typical lights show before quickly pivoting into comedy gold when the light-up Christmas trees start to actually talk to one another. Synced to the music, the two trees have their own personalities as they argue over how to light up with different colors at the same time. Like any animated duo, their bickering is super endearing as one questions if the other is "drinking some tree sap" for not being able to light up correctly. The littlest tree admits it doesn't even know how to count, because if his friend hadn't noticed, "I'm a tree."

As the trees continue to fight over when they should be blue and white or red or green, people begin to gather around the house to watch the argument ensue. Check out the viral video above to see a new take on Christmas lights.