Target Shoppers Say These Cleaning Supplies Smell Like an Anthropologie Candle, So Stock Up!

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All smell is breaking loose over a certain line of Target cleaning products. Sure, Marie Kondo's Netflix show, Tidying Up, has people rethinking the way they fold clothes and Spring cleaning is top of mind, but these supplies are going out of stock for a different reason: the scent.

According to customers, Target's Smartly Citrus scented dish soap and all-purpose cleaning spray smell very similar to Anthropologie's Capri Blue candle. I am familiar with the candle's dedicated following — my friend would drive an hour away from our college campus just to stock up. Now people are rushing to Target stores and online to pick up some similarly scented supplies.

"Never been so excited to clean," one customer wrote on Instagram. Many shoppers must be feeling the same way, because the all-purpose spray is already sold out online! If you're nose over heels for this scent too, dash to a nearby Target to pick up products of your very own.

Smartly Citrus Scented All-Purpose Cleaner

Smartly Citrus Scented All-Purpose Cleaner