Holy Shirtballs, We Need This Hilarious Good Place Doormat

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If you want to reassure your guests that everything is, er, fine right now, you're going to want this The Good Place-inspired Welcome! Everything Is Fine Doormat ($34, originally $68). The doormat, which references Michael's greeting when people wake up in the Good/Bad Place, pretty much ironically sums up how we feel about 2020 (yes, we're thinking of the "This is fine" while everything is on fire meme). Oh, and did we mention it's forking adorable?! Eleanor Shellstrop would 100 percent scream "Holy shirtballs, it's perfect!"

The doormat is strong and durable with natural coir coconut fibers, has a vibrant and long-lasting UV ink-printed finish, and it even comes in different sizes for both regular and double doors. With this mat, you can take it sleazy — I mean easy — during all kinds of weather as it's sealed with a silicone spray to prolong the life of the design.

We still might not know for certain whether Aristotle is pronounced like Chipotle or not (or is it Chip-o-tottle?), but we know that we have to have this mat ASAP for our own at-home utopias. And if 2020's got you down, this decor piece will be heaven sent. Pobody's nerfect, but this mat gets pretty close.