This Florist's TikTok Is Flooded With Helpful Tips For Keeping Your Plants Alive and Healthy

Displaying an arrangement of flowers is a great way to brighten up a room. But it wasn't until I came across @annatheflorist's TikTok videos that I realized I owe a deep and sincere apology to every last-minute bouquet I've ever thrown into my cart at the grocery store. A florist based out of Dallas, Anna has been in the business for five years and runs a floral company called The Blum Bar. On TikTok, she shares helpful tips for keeping cut flowers alive and healthy — and I am ashamed to admit that I wasn't aware of any of them until now.

"When caring for cut flowers, the most common mistake I see is not changing the water frequently," Anna told POPSUGAR. "I always recommend changing the water every other day along with retrimming the stems — this can add weeks of life to any arrangement!" On her account, Anna shares tips for keeping flower arrangements fresh for longer periods of time, including how to pick the right vase for your flowers, how to make DIY plant food, the correct way to change your flowers' water, and why it's crucial to never let your flower stems touch the bottom of the vase.

With so many beautiful flowers in bloom, it's easy to get your hands on a fresh bouquet, but Anna recommends stocking up on a sharp pair of floral snips, floral tape, and quality string to make sure they stay healthy and beautiful. "The snips [are] so you can keep your flowers freshly trimmed, and the string is so you can easily change the water while keeping the flowers neatly bundled together," she explained.

Personally, Anna prefers bouquets made of hydrangeas, lilies, and roses because of their long lifespans and wide assortment of colors. But if you also opt for hydrangeas, make sure to mist them daily. "They take most of their hydration through their petals and not their stems, so this will make them last weeks," she said. "And if people would like to learn more, I offer both in-person and virtual workshops!" Sneak a peek at some of Anna's top flower maintenance tips ahead, and find out more about how to care for indoor houseplants here.

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