This Historic Home Has 1 Fatal Flaw — and It's Not What You're Expecting

At first glance, this historic 3,010-square-foot Derby, VT, home seems like a steal at just $109,000. Read a little further into the listing and you'll discover that the price reflects the serious amount of updating the 1782 property, dubbed the Old Stone Store because it was once a store and post office, requires. Read beyond that and you'll notice there's another reason the price is so low: it's located in both the US and Canada! That's right, the property straddles the US and Canadian border and has entrances on both the Quebec and Vermont sides.

The seller, who grew up in the house, told HuffPost that it was very normal to have a property built across the border back in the day. In fact, the Old Stone Store was deliberately built on the location by a merchant who wanted to sell to farmers in both Vermont and Quebec. The increased border security since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, however, have made the location more of a stressor than an asset. Border patrol agents are now a constant presence, and many of the buildings located in both countries have had to block access from one side.

So what does this mean for any potential buyers of the Old Stone House? Well, the current owner says that once border agents became familiar with tenants, they generally allow them to move across the border freely when on the property. But things can get tricky when a new agent is on the scene. He recalled once being forced to report to the Canadian border post by a new agent who didn't know him or the situation. He was stuck there for 45 minutes until the situation was straightened out.

While this property does pose complications for buyers, it's pretty enticing to be able to travel internationally without ever leaving home. Residents of both the US and Canada are able to purchase the house, seen in the slideshow ahead.